Psalm 71

1Lord, I trust you, so I will never be disappointed. 2In your goodness, you will save me. You will rescue me. Listen to me. Save me. 3Be my fortress, the home I can run to for safety. You are my Rock, my place of safety. So give the command to save me. 4My God, save me from wicked people. Save me from cruel, evil people. 5My Master, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was a young boy. 6I depended on you even before I was born. I relied on you even in my mother’s body. I have always prayed to you. 7You are my source of strength. So I have been an example to other people. 8I am always singing about the wonderful things you do. 9Don’t throw me away just because I am old. Don’t leave me as I lose my strength. 10My enemies have made plans against me. Those people really did meet together, and they made plans to kill me. 11My enemies said, ”Go get him! God left him. And no person will help him.” 12God, don’t leave me! God, hurry! Come save me! 13Defeat my enemies! Destroy them completely! They are trying to hurt me. I hope they feel the shame and disgrace. 14Then I will always trust you. And I will praise you more and more. 15I will tell people how good you are. I will tell about the times you saved me. That has happened too many times to count. 16I will tell about your greatness, Lord my Master. I will talk only about you and your goodness. 17God, you have taught me since I was a young boy. And to this day I have told people about the wonderful things you do! 18Now I am old and my hair is gray. But I know that you won’t leave me, God. I will tell each new generation about your power and greatness. 19God, your goodness reaches far above the skies. God, there is no god like you. You have done wonderful things. 20You let me see troubles and bad times. But you saved me from every one of them and kept me alive. No matter how deep I sank, you lifted me out of my troubles. 21Help me do greater things than before. Continue to comfort me. 22And I will play the harp and praise you. My God, I will sing that you can be trusted. I will play songs on my lyre for the Holy One of Israel. 23You saved my soul. My soul will be happy. I will sing songs of praise with my lips. 24My tongue will sing about your goodness all the time. And the people who want to kill me will be defeated and disgraced.

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