Psalm 75

1We praise you, God! We praise you. You are near and people tell about the amazing things you do. 2God says, ”I choose the time for judgment. I will judge fairly. 3The earth and everything on it may be shaking and ready to fall, but I make it steady.” selah 4- 5“Some people are very proud. They think they are powerful and important. But I tell those people, 'Don’t brag!’ 'Don’t be so proud!’” 6There is no power on earth that can make a person important. 7God is the judge. And God decides who will be important. God lifts up one person and makes him important, God brings down another person and makes him not important. 8˻God is ready to punish evil people.˼ The Lord has a cup in his hand. That cup is filled with poisoned wine. He will pour this wine ˻(punishment)˼, and wicked people will drink it to the last drop. 9I will always tell people about these things. I will sing praise to the God of Israel. 10I will take power away from wicked people, and I will give power to good people.

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