Psalm 79

1God, some people from other nations came to fight your people. Those people ruined your holy temple. They left Jerusalem in ruins. 2The enemy left the bodies of your servants for the wild birds to eat. They left the bodies of your followers for wild animals to eat. 3God, the enemy killed your people until the blood flowed like water. No person is left to bury the dead bodies. 4The countries around us insulted us. The people around us laughed at us and made fun of us. 5God, will you be angry at us forever? Will your strong feelings continue to burn like a fire? 6God, turn your anger against the nations that don’t know you. Turn your anger against nations that don’t worship your name. 7Those nations destroyed Jacob. They destroyed Jacob’s country. 8God, please don’t punish us for the sins of our ancestors. Hurry, show us your mercy! We need you so much! 9Our God and Savior, help us! Help us! Save us! That will bring glory to your name. Erase our sins for the good of your name. 10Don’t let other nations say to us, ”Where is your God? Can’t he help you?” God, punish those people so we can see it. Punish them for killing your servants. 11Please listen to the prisoners’ groan! God, use your great power and save the people who were chosen to die. 12God, punish the people around us seven times for what they did to us. Punish those people for insulting you. 13We are your people. We are the sheep in your flock. We will praise you forever. God, we will praise you forever and ever.

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