Psalm 80

1Shepherd of Israel, please listen to me. You lead Joseph’s sheep ˻(people)˼. You sit as king on the Cherub angels. Let us see you. 2Shepherd of Israel, show your greatness to Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Come and save us. 3God, accept us again. Accept us. Save us! 4Lord God All-Powerful, when will you listen to our prayers? Will you be angry at us forever? 5You have given tears as food to your people. You have given your people bowls filled with their tears. That was their water to drink. 6You let us become something for our neighbors to fight about. Our enemies laugh at us. 7God All-Powerful, accept us again. Accept us. Save us. 8˻In the past, you treated us like a very important plant.˼ You brought your “vine” out of Egypt. You forced other people to leave this land, and you planted your “vine” here. 9You prepared the ground for the “vine.” You helped its roots to grow strong. Soon the “vine” spread throughout the land. 10It covered the mountains. Its leaves shaded even the giant cedar trees. 11Its vines spread to the Mediterranean Sea. Its shoots spread to the Euphrates River. 12God, why did you pull down the walls that protect your “vine”? Now every person who passes by picks its grapes. 13Wild pigs come and walk on your “vine.” Wild animals come and eat the leaves. 14God All-Powerful, come back. Look down from heaven at your “vine” and protect it. 15God, look at the “vine” you planted with your own hands. Look at the young plant you raised. 16Your “vine” was burned in the fire like dry dung. You were angry at it and destroyed it. 17God, reach out to the son who stood by your right side. Reach out to the son you raised. 18He will not leave you again. Let him live, and he will worship your name. 19Lord God All-Powerful, come back to us. Accept us. Save us.

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