Psalm 82

1God stands in the assembly of the gods. He is the judge in that meeting of the gods. 2God says, ”How long will you judge people unfairly? How long will you let wicked people go free without punishment?” selah 3“Defend the poor people and orphans. Protect the rights of those poor people. 4Help those poor, helpless people. Save them from evil people. 5“They don’t know what is happening. They don’t understand! They don’t know what they are doing, Their world is falling down around them!” 6I ˻(God)˼ say, ”You are gods. You are sons of God Most-High. 7But you will die the same as all people must die. You will die the same as all the other leaders.” 8Get up, God! You be the judge! God, you be the leader over all the nations!

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