Psalm 83

1God, don’t keep quiet! Don’t close your ears! Please say something, God. 2God, your enemies make plans against you, and they will soon attack. 3They make secret plans against your people. Your enemies are discussing plans against the people you love. 4The enemies are saying, ”Come, let us destroy them completely. Then no person will ever again remember the name 'Israel’.” 5God, all those people joined together to fight against you and the Agreement you made with us. 6- 7Those enemies joined together to fight us: Edom, the Ishmaelite people, Moab and Hagar’s descendants, Byblos, Ammon, the Amalekite people, the Philistine people, and the people living in Tyre. All those people joined together to fight us. 8Even the Assyrians joined those people. They made Lot’s descendants very powerful. selah 9God, defeat the enemy like you defeated Midian, like you defeated Sisera and Jabin near the Kishon River. 10You defeated them at En-Dor. And their bodies rotted on the ground. 11God, defeat the enemy’s leaders. Do what you did to Oreb and Zeeb. Do what you did to Zebah and Zalmunna. 12God, those people wanted to force us to leave your land! 13Make those people like a tumbleweed blown by the wind. Scatter those people like the wind scatters straw. 14Destroy the enemy like a fire destroys a forest, like a wild fire that burns the hills. 15God, chase those people away like ˻dust blown˼ by a storm. Shake them ˻and blow them away˼ like a tornado. 16God, teach those people so they may learn that they are really weak. Then they will want to worship your name! 17God, scare those people and make them ashamed forever. Disgrace them and destroy them. 18Then they will know that you are God. They will know your name is Yahweh. They will know that you, God Most-High, are the God of the whole world!

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