Psalm 84

1Lord All-Powerful, your temple is really lovely. 2Lord, I can’t wait to enter your temple. I'm so excited! Every part of me wants to be with the Living God. 3Lord All-Powerful, my King, my God, even the birds have found a home in your temple. They make their nests near your altar. And there they have their babies. 4People living at your temple are very fortunate. They are still praising you. selah 5People coming to the temple with songs in their heart are very happy! 6They travel through Baca Valley which God has made like a spring. Autumn rains form pools of water. 7The people travel from town to town, on their way to Zion, where they will meet with God. 8Lord God All-Powerful, listen to my prayer. God of Jacob, listen to me. selah 9God, protect our protector. Be kind to your chosen king. 10One day in your temple is better than a thousand days in any other place. Standing at the gate of my God’s house is better than living in the house of a wicked man. 11The Lord is our protector and glorious king. God blesses us with kindness and glory. The Lord gives every good thing to people who follow and obey him. 12Lord All-Powerful, people who trust you are truly happy!

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