Psalm 85

1Lord, be kind to your country. Jacob’s ˻people are exiles in a foreign country.˼ Bring the exiles back to their country. 2Lord, forgive your people! Erase their sins! selah 3Lord, stop being angry. Don’t be mad. 4Our God and Savior, stop being angry at us, and accept us again. 5Will you be angry at us forever? 6Please, make us live again! Make your people happy. 7Lord, save us and show us that you love us. 8I heard what the Lord God said. He said there would be peace for his people and loyal followers. So they must not go back to their foolish way of living. 9God will soon save his followers. We will soon live with honor on our land. 10God’s true love will meet his followers. Goodness and peace will greet them with a kiss. 11People on earth will be loyal to God, And God in heaven will be good to them. 12The Lord will give us many good things. The ground will grow many good crops. 13Goodness will go in front of God, and prepare the way for him.

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