Psalm 86

1I am a poor, helpless man. Lord, please listen to me and answer my prayer. 2Lord, I am your follower, please protect me! I am your servant. You are my God. I trust you. So save me. 3My Master, be kind to me. I have been praying to you all day. 4Master, I put my life in your hands. Make me happy, I am your servant. 5Master, you are good and merciful. Your people call to you for help. You really love those people. 6Lord, hear my prayer. Listen to my prayer for mercy. 7Lord, I am praying to you in my time of trouble. I know you will answer me! 8There is none like you, God. No person can do what you have done. 9Master, you made every person. May they all come worship you. May they all honor your name. 10God, you are great! You do amazing things! You, and you only, are God! 11Lord, teach me your ways, and I will live and obey your truths. Help me make worshiping your name the most important thing in my life. 12God my Master, I praise you with all my whole heart. I will honor your name forever! 13God, you have such great love for me. You save me from the place of death. 14Proud men are attacking me, God. A gang of cruel men are trying to kill me. And those men don’t respect you. 15Master, you are a kind and merciful God. You are patient, loyal, and full of love. 16God, show that you hear me and be kind to me. I am your servant. Give me strength. I am your servant. Save me! 17God, give me a sign to show that you will help me. My enemies will see that sign, and they will be disappointed. That will show that you heard my prayer and that you will help me.

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