Psalm 9

1I praise the Lord with all my heart. Lord, I will tell about all the wonderful things you did. 2You make me so very happy. God Most-High, I praise your name. 3My enemies turned to run from you. But they fell and were destroyed. 4You are the good judge. You sat on your throne as judge. Lord, you listened to my case. And you made the decision about me. 5You criticized those other people. Lord, you destroyed those bad people. You erased their names forever and ever ˻from the list of people who are alive˼. 6The enemy is finished! Lord, you destroyed their cities! Now, only ruined buildings are left. Nothing is left to remind us of those bad people. 7But the Lord rules forever. The Lord made his kingdom strong. He did this to bring fairness to the world. 8The Lord judges everyone on earth fairly. He judges all nations the same. 9Many people are trapped and hurting because they have many troubles. Those people are crushed by the weight of their problems. Lord, be a safe place for them to run to. 10People who know your name should trust you. Lord, if people come to you, you will not leave them without help. 11You people living on Zion, sing praises to the Lord. Tell other nations about the great things the Lord did. 12The Lord remembered the people who went to him for help. Those poor people cried for help. And the Lord didn’t forget them. 13˻I said this prayer to God:˼ ”Lord, be kind to me. Look, my enemies are hurting me. Save me from the 'gates of death.’ 14Then, at the gates of Jerusalem, I can sing praises to you, Lord. I will be very happy because you saved me.” 15Those people from other nations dug holes to trap other people. But they fell into their own traps. Those people hid nets to trap other people. But they were caught in those nets. 16The Lord caught those bad people. So people learned that the Lord punishes people who do bad things. 17People who forget God are bad. They will go to the place of death. 18Sometimes it seems that God forgets about people with troubles. It seems those poor people have no hope. But God doesn’t really forget them forever. 19Lord, get up and judge the nations. Don’t let people think they are powerful. 20Teach people a lesson. Let them know they are only human.

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