Psalm 97

1The Lord rules, and the earth is happy. All the faraway lands are happy. 2Thick dark clouds surround the Lord. Goodness and justice make his kingdom strong. 3A fire goes in front of the Lord and destroys his enemies. 4His lightning flashes in the sky. The people see it and are afraid. 5The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, the Master of the earth. 6Skies, tell about his goodness! Let every person see God’s glory! 7People worship their idols. They brag about their “gods.” But those people will be embarrassed. Their “gods” will bow down and worship the Lord. 8Zion, listen and be happy! Cities of Judah, be happy! Why? Because the Lord makes wise decisions. 9Lord Most-High, you really are the ruler of the earth. You are much better than the “gods.” 10People who love the Lord hate evil. So God saves his followers. God saves his followers from evil people. 11Light and happiness shine on good people. 12Good people, be happy in the Lord! Honor his holy name!

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