Zechariah 5

1I looked up again, and I saw a flying scroll. 2The angel asked me, “What do you see?” I said, “I see a flying scroll. The scroll is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.” 3Then the angel told me, “There is a curse written on that scroll. On one side of the scroll, there is a curse about people that steal. On the other side of the scroll is a curse about people that lie when they make promises. 4The Lord All-Powerful says: I will send that scroll to the houses of thieves and to houses of people that lie when they use my name to make promises. That scroll will stay there and destroy those houses. Even the stones and wooden posts will be destroyed.” 5The angel that was talking to me went outside. He said, “Look! What do you see coming?” 6I said, “I don’t know—what is it?” He said, “That is a measuring bucket.” He also said, “That bucket is for measuring the sins of the people in this country.” 7A lid made of lead was lifted off the bucket, and there was a woman in the bucket. 8The angel said, “The woman represents evil.” Then the angel pushed the woman down into the bucket and put the lead lid on it. 9Then I looked up and saw two women with wings like a stork. They flew out, and with the wind in their wings, they picked up the bucket. They flew through the air carrying the bucket. 10Then I asked the angel that was speaking with me, “Where are they carrying the bucket?” 11The angel told me, “They are going to build a house for it in Shinar. After they build that house, they will put the bucket there.”

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