約翰二書 1

1Ng`ai he ch'ong-l'o; ng`ai si'a sin-'e p^un ng`i --- m`ung ki'en-si'en ke f^u-ng`in, ya p^un ng`i ke ch'u"-'ng: Ng`i-t^eu he ng`ai s`u"n-s^im s'o-siak ke; `m t^an-chhiang ng`ai siak ng`i-t^eu, s'o-y^u ngin-su"t ch^u"n-l^i ke ng`in ya siak ng`i-t^eu; 2y^in-vi ch^u"n-l^i chhai ng`ai-t^eu s^im-nui, ya oi y'un-y'en l^au ng`ai-t^eu th`ung-chhai. 3^A-p^a Song-ti l^au K`i ke Lai-'e Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk yit-thin voi su ^en-ti'en, l`in-m'en, l^au ph`in-^on p^un ng`ai-t^eu, p^un ng`ai-t^eu yit-chh+u"t s^en-f+at chhai ch^u"n-l^i l^au si^ong-siak ke t^i-poi. 4Ng`ai chhin f^on-h'i, y^in-vi ng`ai t^i chhai ng`i ke ch'u"-'ng t^ong-ch^ung y^u ch^un-chhi`ung thi^en-t'ang ^A-p^a ke min-lin, s^en-f+at chhai ch^u"n-l^i t^i-poi ke ng`in. 5S'o-y^i, chh^in-oi ke f^u-ng`in, ng`ai khi`u ng`i, ng`ai-t^eu thai-k^a oi p'i-chh'u" si^ong-siak. Ng`ai si'a p^un ng`i ke, pin `m-he yit-thi`au s^in ke min-lin, h`an-he ng`ai-t^eu tui yit kh^oi-s'u" chhiu li^ang-su ke. 6Li'a chhiu-he oi: Ng`ai-t^eu yin-t^ong ch^un-h`ang Song-ti s'o-y^u ke min-lin. Ng`i-t^eu tui yit kh^oi-s'u" s'o th^ang-t'o ke min-lin chhiu-he: Ng`i-t^eu yin-t^ong yung oi h`ang-su" cho-ng`in. 7Y^u chhin-t^o m`i-f+et ng`in ke y'i-k^in chhai su"-kie chhut-hien; k`i-t^eu k^ung-kh^oi f'eu-ngin Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk he s`ang-cho ngiuk-s^u"n l`oi ke. Li'a-ch'ung ng`in chhiu-he m`i-f+et ng`in ke, he th+it K^i-tuk ke. 8Ng`i-t^eu oi se-ngi, chang `m-voi su"t-thet ng`ai-t^eu s'o s`u"n-chhiu ke, f'an-ch'on voi tet-t'o f^ung-fu ke po-s'ong. 9S'o-y^u `m ch^un-s'u K^i-tuk ke kau-hiun, yu phi^en-ch'eu hi ke, chhiu m`o s+uk Song-ti; ch^un-s'u kau-hiun ke, chhiu s+uk thi^en-t'ang ke ^A-p^a, yu s+uk Lai-'e. 10Na y^u-ng`in to ng`i-t^eu ke-vi hi, `m chh`on li'a-ke kau-hiun, chhiu `m-h'o chiap-thai k`i to ng`i-t^eu ke vuk-h^a hi, ya `m-h'o tui k`i chhi'ang-^on; 11y^in-vi tui k`i chhi'ang-^on ke, chhiu l^au k`i s'o-cho ke-t^eu si`a-ok ke su" y^u-fun. 12Ng`ai h`an-y^u chhin-t^o fa oi l^au ng`i-t^eu k'ong, ch'ung-he ng`ai si'ong, m`o-oi yung pit-m+et l`oi chh`on-th+at. Ng`ai h^i-mong chh^in-s^u"n hi tham-f'ong ng`i-t^eu, t^ong-mien l^au ng`i-t^eu th`am-lun, p^un ng`ai-t^eu ke f^on-h'i tet-t'o m^an-chiuk. 13Ng`i ke m`ung ki'en-si'en ke ch'i-moi ke ch'u"-'ng tui ng`i-t^eu chhi'ang-^on!

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