彼得後書 1

1Ng`ai he S^i-m`un-P'i-tet, Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk ke ph+uk-ng`in l^au s'u"-th`u. Ng`ai si'a sin-'e p^un ke-t^eu th^ung-ko ng`ai-t^eu ke Song-ti l^au Kiu-ch'u Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk ke ngi, th`ung ng`ai-t^eu tet-t'o khiung-yong p'o-kui sin-ngi'ong ke ng`in: 2Ngien ng`i-t^eu th^ung-ko ngin-su"t Song-ti l^au ng`ai-t^eu ke Ch'u Y^a-s^u tet-t'o f^ung-f^ung fu-fu ke ^en-ti'en l^au ph`in-^on! 3Song-ti y'i-k^in yung K`i s`u"n-su"n ke n`en-l+it, chi^ong ng`ai-t^eu ko kin-khi`en s^en-f+at s'o s^i-yeu ke yit-chhiet su p^un ng`ai-t^eu l'e; li'a-ke ^en-su he th^ung-ko ngin-su"t ke f^u-seu ng`ai-t^eu l`oi f^un-hi'ong K`i chhu"-k^a ke y`ung-k^ong l^au li`ong-san ke Ch'u l`oi ke. 4'An-ngi`ong, K`i chi^ong K`i s'o yin-h'i chui thai l^au chui p'o-kui ke ^en-su su p^un ng`ai-t^eu; th^ung-ko li'a-t^eu ^en-su, ng`i-t^eu chhiu cho-tet thot-l`i su"-ki^en f'i-m+et-sin ke y+uk-mong, l`oi f^un-hi'ong Song-ti ke s`u"n-sin. 5Vi-t'o li'a-ke y`en-ku, ng`i-t^eu oi chhin-l+it s'u" ng`i-t^eu chhai sin-s^im song k^a-song m^i-tet, m^i-tet k^a-song chu"-su"t, 6chu"-su"t k^a-song chiet-chu", chiet-chu" k^a-song ngi^un-nai, ngi^un-nai k^a-song kin-khi`en, 7kin-khi`en k^a-song oi hi^ung-thi ch'i-moi ke chh`in, oi hi^ung-thi ch'i-moi ke chh`in yu k^a-song siak chung-ng`in ke s^im. 8Li'a-t^eu he ng`i-t^eu yin-k^oi ph`i-y^ong ke tet-hen, yu ngit-kien ngit-t^o; 'an-ngi`ong, ng`i-t^eu chhiu voi h`an-kha y^u-h'au, kien-k^a chh^u"m-khiet ngin-su"t ng`ai-t^eu ke Ch'u Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk. 9Ch'ung-he, m`o li'a-t^eu tet-hen ke ng`in chhiu-he khiun-su", su"m-chu" m^o-muk, `m ki-tet chhu"-k^a v^ong-ngit ke chhui y'i-k^in tet-t'o s'e-chhiang l'e. 10S'o-y^i, hi^ung-thi ch'i-moi ^a, ng`i-t^eu oi kien-k^a n'u-l+it, s'u" Song-ti ke f^u-seu l^au ki'en-si'en s`ang-cho ng`i-t^eu y'un-ki'u ke k^in-ngiam; y^u li'a-t^eu k^in-ngiam, ng`i-t^eu chhiu `m-voi tiet-t'o. 11'An-ngi`ong, ng`i-t^eu voi li^ang-su chh^ung-f^un ke khi`en-li, y^u-h'o chin-ng+ip ng`ai-t^eu ke Ch'u --- Kiu-ch'u Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk y'un-y'en ke koet. 12S'o-y^i, s^ui-y`en ng`i-t^eu y'i-k^in t^i li'a-t^eu su", ya chhai s'o li^ang-su ke ch^u"n-l^i song kh^i-to chhai-chhai, ng`ai h`an-he oi yit-chh+u"t th`i-si'ang ng`i-t^eu. 13Ng`ai si'ong, ng`ai h`an chhai su"-ki^en yit-ngit, ng`ai yin-t^ong s`ong-s`ong p^ong-chhu ng`i-t^eu ki-tet li'a-t^eu su". 14Ng`ai t^i, ko m`o k'i-ki'u, ng`ai voi thot-l`i li'a voi f'u-lan ke s^u"n-th'i; li'a he ng`ai-t^eu ke Ch'u Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk ch'u"-su" ng`ai ke. 15Ng`ai oi si'ong-chhin phan-fap s'u" ng`i-t^eu chhai ng`ai l`i-kh^oi su"-ki^en y^i-heu h`an voi s`ong-s`ong ki-tet li'a-t^eu su". 16Ng`ai-t^eu y^i-chhi`en chi^ong y^u-ko^an ng`ai-t^eu ke Ch'u Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk ke thai-n`en l^au chai-l`im ke su" l^au ng`i-t^eu k'ong, pin `m-he k^in-k'i ke-t^eu ngiap-chho chhut-l`oi m`o-y'ang m`o-chiak ke chh`on-sot. Ng`ai-t^eu y^u chh^in-ngi'en khon-ko k`i ke v'i-thai. 17K`i tui ^A-p^a Song-ti chiap-su ch^un-kui l^au y`ung-k^ong ke s`u", ng`ai-t^eu ya l^ung-ch'ung chhai-chh`ong. Ke-s`u", Chu"-k^o Y`ung-k^ong ke Song-ti tui k`i k'ong: "Li'a he Ng`ai s'o-siak ke Lai-'e, Ng`ai s'o f^on-h'i ke." 18Ng`ai-t^eu th`ung k`i khiung-ha chhai su"n-s^an t'ang-k^o, chh^in-ng'i th^ang-t'o li'a tui thi^en-t'ang l`oi ke s^ang-y^im. 19'An-ngi`ong, ng`ai-t^eu tui chung si^en-t^i s'o si^en-pu ke fa kien-k^a khok-sin. Ng`i-t^eu oi h'o-h'o li`u-yi li'a-ke fa; y^in-vi k`i he chhiong yit-ch'an m`in-t^en k^ong-cheu v^u-am ke s'o-chhai, chh+u"t-to thi^en-k^ong, to ch^eu-s`u"n-th`eu ke s^en-'e chhai ng`i-t^eu s^im-ch^ung fat-chhut k^ong ke-ngit. 20Chui chhung-yeu ke yit-ti'am, ng`i-t^eu oi ki-tet: Su"n-k^in t^i-poi ke yi-ngi`en, m`o yit-ke he cheu chhu"-k^a ke yi-su" l`oi ki'e-su"t ke; 21y^in-vi, chhi`ung-l`oi m`o yit-ke yi-ngi`en he tui ng`in ke yi-su" l`oi ke, kh`i-s+u"t he ng`in su Su"n-L`in ke k'am-thung chi^ong Song-ti ke fa chh`on chhut-l`oi ke.

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