路加福音 1

1Th`i-^a-f^i-l`o thai-ng`in: Y'i-k^in y^u h'o-t^o ng`in th`i-pit si'a-s^u, k'ong-h'i chhai ng`ai-t^eu t^ong-ch^ung s'o fat-s^en ke su"-chh`in. 2K`i-t^eu s'o-si'a ke, he cheu ke-t^eu yit kh^oi-s'u" chhiu chh^in-muk khon-t'o yu chh`on-ko li'a tho-l^i ke ng`in s'o-k'ong ke. 3Li'a yit-chhiet, ng`ai tui-th`eu-to-m^i chhi`on-phu si`ong-se chh`a-ko, s'o-y^i ng`ai si'ong-oi cheu sun-si l`oi tui ng`i po-ko, 4muk-tit he oi p^un ng`i t^i ng`i s'o-h+ok ke tho-l^i he khok-s+u"t ke. 5H^i-l+it-v`ong th'ung-chhu" Y`u-thai ke s`u", y^u yit-ke chi-s^u", mi`ang ^on-to Sat-k^a-li-^a, he s+uk ^A-p'i-ng^a chi-s^u" ke-p^an ke; ki^a p^u-ngi`ong ^on-to Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak, ya he chi-s^u" ^A-l`un k^a-chh+uk ke heu-thoi. 6Chhai Song-ti khon-l`oi, k`i li'ong k^ung-ph`o he chu"n-chh+u"t ke ng`in, ngi`am-kiet ch^un-s'u Ch'u ke yit-chhiet kie-min l^au k^ui-thin. 7K`i-t^eu m`o se-ng`in-`e, y^in-vi Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak `m-voi kiung; k`i li'ong-s`a ya y'i-k^in l'o l'e. 8Y^u yit-ngit, Sat-k^a-li-^a t^ong-p^an, chhai Song-ti mien-chhi`en chu"p-h`ang chi-s^u" ke chu"t-vu. 9Cheu chi-s^u" ke koan-li, chh^u-chhi^am-'e ke kiet-k'o, k`i ng+ip-hi Ch'u ke su"n-thien s^eu-hi^ong. 10K`i s^eu-hi^ong ke s`u", chung-ng`in chhai ngoi-poi kh`i-t'o. 11Fut-y`en, Ch'u ke thi^en-s'u" kh^i chhai hi^ong-th`an ke yu-phi'en tui k`i hi'en-hien; 12Sat-k^a-li-^a khon-t'o, hak yit-ha, ya chhin chh+ok-ki^ang. 13Ch'ung-he ke thi^en-s'u" tui k`i k'ong: " Sat-k^a-li-^a, `m-s'u" ki^ang! Song-ti th^ang-t'o ng`i ke kh`i-t'o l'e; ngi^a p^u-ngi`ong Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak voi vi ng`i kiung yit-ke lai-'e, ng`i oi chi^ong k`i ke mi`ang ^on-to Yok-hon. 14Ng`i voi f^on-h'i khoai-l+ok; chhin-t^o ng`in ya voi vi-t'o k`i ke chhut-se l`oi f^on-h'i. 15Chi^ong-l`oi, k`i chhai Ch'u ke mien-chhi`en voi cho v'i-thai ke ng`in-v+ut. Th^am-chi'u l^au li+et-chi'u, k`i l^ung-ch'ung cho-`m-tet l^im; chhai ^a-m^e ke th^oi-t'u, k`i chhiu voi p^un Su"n-L`in chh^ung-m^an. 16K`i chi^ong-l`oi oi tai-li^ang chhin-t^o Y^i-set-li+et-ng`in k^ui Ch'u --- k`i-t^eu ke Song-ti. 17K`i oi cho Ch'u ke si^en-f^ung, ki^en-khi`ong y^u thai n`en-l+it, chhiong si^en-t^i Y^i-li-^a yit-yong. K`i oi s'u" y`a-^oi l^au ch'u"-'ng chh`ung-s^in f`o-h'o, s'u" phoi-ngi+ak ke ng`in f`i-th`eu, h`ang ngi-ng`in chu"-fi ke lu; k`i oi p^ong-chhu ng`in-m`in l`oi ngi`ang-chiap Ch'u." 18Sat-k^a-li-^a tui thi^en-s'u" k'ong: "Ng`ai oi ngi'ong-p^an chang voi t^i li'a he su"-s+u"t? Ng`ai he yit-ke l'o-ng`in-k^a, ng`ai p^u-ngi`ong ya 'an l'o l'e." 19Thi^en-s'u" en-k'ong: "Ng`ai he kh^i chhai Song-ti mien-chhi`en ke K^a-pak-li+et; ng`ai su-phai chh`on-fa p^un ng`i, po ng`i li'a h'o s^eu-sit. 20Ch'ung-he, y^in-vi ng`i `m sin ng`ai s'o k'ong, s`u"-k^i s`u"n-s+uk ke s`u" voi s+u"t-hien ke li'a-t^eu fa, ng`i voi pien-cho 'a-`e; t'en-to yin-h'i s+u"t-hien ke-ngit, ng`i chang voi k'ong-fa." 21Thai-k^a k'in t'en Sat-k^a-li-^a, `m-t^i k`i chhai su"n-thien-t'u cho-m'a-ke y`en-chh`an 'an ki'u. 22To k`i chhut-l`oi, `m-voi l^au k`i-t^eu k'ong-fa, k`i-t^eu chang t^i k`i chhai su"n-thien-t'u khon-t'o yi-siong. K`i p'i-s'u v+ak-kiok tui thai-k^a p'eu-su" yi-su", yit-chh+u"t `m-voi k'ong-fa. 23Chhai su"n-thien su"-fung ke ngit-kh`i yit m^an, Sat-k^a-li-^a chhiu ch'on vuk-h^a hi. 24Ko m`o k'i-ki'u, ki^a p^u-ngi`ong Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak chu"n-k^in y^u s^u"n-hong, chhai vuk-t'u khong 'ng-ke ngi+et. 25K`i k'ong: "'An-ki'u h'i-l`oi, chui-heu Ch'u h`an-he h'o kho'an-thai ng`ai, chh`u-thet ng`ai chhai ng`in mien-chhi`en ke kien-seu." 26Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak f`ai-th^oi liuk-ke ngi+et ke s`u", Song-ti chh^ai thi^en-s'u" K^a-pak-li+et hi K^a-li-li-s'en ke yit-chho ^on-to N^a-sat-l+et ke s`ang, 27chh`on-fa p^un yit-ke th`ung-ch^u"n-'ng, mi`ang ^on-to M^a-li-^a; li'a th`ung-ch^u"n-'ng y'i-k^in l^au Thai-v'i k^a-chh+uk yit-ke mi`ang ^on-to Yok-sit ke n`am-ng`in thin-chh^in. 28Thi^en-s'u" to k`i ke mien-chhi`en, k'ong: "Ngien ng`i ph`in-^on! Ch'u l^au ng`i th`ung-chhai, thai-thai su-fuk p^un ng`i!" 29M^a-li-^a y^in-vi thi^en-s'u" ke fa, s+u"p-f^un chh+ok-ki^ang, f'an-f+uk s^u"-si'ong li'a fa he m'a-ke yi-su". 30Thi^en-s'u" tui k`i k'ong: " M^a-li-^a, `m-s'u" ki^ang, y^in-vi Song-ti y'i-k^in su ^en-ti'en p^un ng`i. 31Ng`i voi f`ai-th^oi, kiung yit-ke lai-'e; ng`i oi chi^ong k`i ke mi`ang ^on-to Y^a-s^u. 32K`i voi s`ang-cho v'i-thai ke ng`in-v+ut, chh^u"n-cho Chu"-k^o Song-ti ke Lai-'e. Ch'u --- Song-ti oi chi^ong k`i ke ch'u-si^en Thai-v'i ke v`ong-vi su-p^un k`i. 33K`i oi y'un-y'en cho Ng^a-kok ke ch'u"-s^un ke v`ong; k`i ke v`ong-khi`en v`u-khi`ung v`u-chhin." 34M^a-li-^a tui thi^en-s'u" k'ong: "Ng`ai h`an-m`ang ka-ng`in, ngi'ong-p^an voi y^u 'an-ngi`ong ke su" ^a?" 35Thi^en-s'u" en-k'ong: "Su"n-L`in voi kong chhai ng`i ke s^u"n-song; Chu"-k^o Song-ti ke khi`en-n`en voi p'i-yim ng`i. S'o-y^i, tui ng`i l`oi chhut-se ke ^o-nga-'e he su"n ke, he Song-ti ke Lai-'e. 36Ng`i khon, ng`i ke chh^in-chhit Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak, k`i s^ui-y`en 'an l'o, ph+et-ng`in k'ong k`i `m-voi kiung l'e, ch'ung-he k`i li'a-ha y'i-k^in y^u liuk-ke ngi+et ke s^u"n-hong. 37Y^in-vi chhai Song-ti m`o yit-khien su" he cho `m-t'o ke." 38M^a-li-^a k'ong: "Ng`ai he Ch'u ke s'u"-'ng; ngien cheu ng`i ke fa s`u"n-chhiu chhai ng`ai ke s^u"n-song." 'An-ngi`ong, thi^en-s'u" chhiu l`i-kh^oi k`i. 39M`o k'i-ki'u heu, M^a-li-^a chhut-fat, k'on-k'in hi Y`u-thai s^an-t'u ke yit-chho s`ang. 40K`i ng+ip-hi Sat-k^a-li-^a ke vuk-h^a, tui Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak chhi'ang-^on. 41Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak yit th^ang-t'o M^a-li-^a ke chhi'ang-^on, k`i s'o f`ai ke th^oi chhiu k'in thi`au. Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak p^un Su"n-L`in chh^ung-m^an, 42thai-s^ang h^em-k'ong: "Ng`i he fu-'ng t^ong-ch^ung chui y^u fuk-hi ke! Ng`i f`ai ke th^oi ya he y^u fuk-hi ke! 43Ng`ai ke Ch'u ke ^a-m^e l`oi-khon ng`ai, ng`ai ngi'ong-p^an kh^am-tet n`o? 44Y^in-vi ng`i chhi'ang-^on ke s^ang yit ng+ip ng`ai ke ng'i-k^ung, ng`ai s'o f`ai ke th^oi chhiu f^on-h'i to k'in thi`au. 45Ng`i khok-sin Ch'u tui ng`i k'ong ke fa yit-thin voi s+u"t-hien; ng`i s+u"t-chhai y^u fuk-hi ^a!" 46M^a-li-^a k'ong: "Ng`ai ke s^im ch^un Ch'u v`i-thai; 47ng`ai ke l`in y^in-vi Song-ti --- ng`ai ke kiu-ch'u l`oi f^on-h'i; 48y^in-vi K`i ku-ngiam K`i p^i-m`i ke s'u"-'ng. Chhi`ung-k^im y^i-heu, van-m`in voi chh^u"n ng`ai he y^u fuk-hi ke, 49y^in-vi Chhi`on-n`en ke Song-ti vi ng`ai s`ang thai-su". K`i ke mi`ang he s`u"n-su"n ke; 50K`i tui kin-vi K`i ke ng`in hi'en-chhut chh`u"-p^i, chh+u"t-to su"-su" thoi-thoi. 51K`i chh^un-chhut thai-y^u khi`en-n`en ke s'u, kiuk-ch'eu s^im-ch^ung ki^eu-ngau ke ng`in. 52K`i chi^ong y^u su"-l+it ke v`ong s'ung-h^a p'o-chho, k^o-s^u"n p^i-m`i ke ng`in. 53K`i su h'o-s+u"t ke p^un t'u-k^i ke s+u"t-to p'au, h^em fu-chiuk ke kh^ung-s'u ch'on-hi. 54Cheu K`i tui ng`ai-t^eu ke ch'u-si^en s'o-k'ong ke, K`i p^ong-chhu K`i ke ph+uk-ng`in Y^i-set-li+et, l`oi ki-ngiam K`i tui ^A-pak-l^a-h'on l^au ki^a ch'u"-s^un ke yin-h'i, chhiu-he oi yung chh`u"-p^i kho'an-thai k`i-t^eu, chh+u"t-to y'un-y'en!" 56M^a-li-^a th`ung Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak khiung-ha h+et chh^a-`m-t^o s^am-ke ngi+et, y`en-heu chhiu ch'on vuk-h^a hi. 57Y^i-li-s^a-ph+ak ke s'an-kh`i to, chhiu kiung yit-ke lai-'e. 58L`in-sa l^au chh^in-chhit th^ang-t'o Ch'u su-p^un k`i 'an thai ke chh`u"-p^i, chhiu th`ung k`i khiung-ha f^on-h'i. 59^O-nga-'e chhut-se m^an yit l^i-pai, k`i-t^eu chhiu l`oi vi k`i h`ang kot-l^i, si'ong-oi yung ki^a-p^a ke mi`ang ham k`i Sat-k^a-li-^a. 60Ch'ung-he ki^a-m^e k'ong: "Cho-`m-tet! K`i oi ham-cho Yok-hon." 61Chh^in-y^u tui k`i k'ong: "Ng`i ke chh^in-chh+uk t^ong-ch^ung m`o-ng`in ^on 'an-ngi`ong ke mi`ang." 62K`i-t^eu chhiu yung s'u p'i mun ki^a-p^a, oi l^au ^o-nga-'e ^on m'a-ke mi`ang. 63Sat-k^a-li-^a chhiu th'o yit-te si'a-su" ke pi^ong-'e, si'a-k'ong: "K`i ke mi`ang ^on-to Yok-hon." Thai-k^a chhiu chhin kh`i-koai. 64Sat-k^a-li-^a ngi`am-s`u" chhiu voi k'ong-fa, kh^oi-choi siung-chan Song-ti. 65L`in-sa chhi`on-phu chhin chh+ok-ki^ang. Li'a s^eu-sit chh`on-phien chhi`on Y`u-thai ke s^an-kh^i; 66th^ang-t'o ke ng`in l^ung-ch'ung si'ong: "Li'a-ke ^o-nga-'e chi^ong-l`oi voi s`ang-cho ngi'ong-p^an ke ng`in n`e?" Y^in-vi su"-s+u"t chhin m`in, y^u Ch'u ke khi`en-n`en l^au k`i th`ung-chhai. 67Yok-hon ke ^a-p^a Sat-k^a-li-^a p^un Su"n-L`in chh^ung-m^an, chhiu chh`on Song-ti ke fa, k'ong: 68"Oi siung-chan Ch'u --- Y^i-set-li+et ke Song-ti! Y^in-vi K`i khon-ku K`i ke ch'u"-m`in, ya kiu-s+uk k`i-t^eu. 69K`i tui K`i ph+uk-ng`in Thai-v'i ke k^a-ch^ung, vi ng`ai-t^eu h^in-h'i yit-ke chhi`on-n`en ke Kiu-ch'u. 70Th`eu-p'ai, K`i su"t th^ung-ko su"n si^en-t^i yi-ngi`en: 71K`i oi ch'u"n-kiu ng`ai-t^eu thot-l`i s`u-th+it, l`i-kh^oi yit-chhiet yen-hen ng`ai-t^eu ke ng`in ke khi`en-su". 72K`i tui ng`ai-t^eu ke ch'u-si^en hi'en-chhut chh`u"-p^i, l`oi ki-ngiam K`i su"n ke khie-yok. 73K`i yin-h'i ng`ai-t^eu ke ch'u-si^en ^A-pak-l^a-h'on, fat-su" oi ch'u"n-kiu ng`ai-t^eu thot-l`i s`u-th+it, p^un ng`ai-t^eu yit-s^en-ng`in chhai K`i ke mien-chhi`en, yung su"n-kiet l^au chu"n-chh+u"t l`oi f+uk-su" K`i, chhi`on m`o ki^ang m'a-ke." 76Sat-k^a-li-^a yu yi-ngi`en k'ong: "Ng`ai ke se-ch'u" ^a, ng`i voi p^un-ng`in chh^u"n-cho Chu"-k^o Song-ti ke si^en-t^i. Ng`i oi cho Ch'u ke si^en-f^ung, vi k`i ch'un-phi tho-lu; 77oi hi l^au K`i ke ch'u"-m`in k'ong: Y^in-vi k`i-t^eu ke chhui tet-t'o sa-mi^en, k`i-t^eu voi tet-t'o ch'u"n-kiu. 78Ng`ai-t^eu ke Song-ti y^u chh`u"-p^i l^au l`in-m'en; K`i oi s'u" ch'u"n-kiu ke k^ong tui k^o-thi^en l`im-to ng`ai-t^eu, 79k^ong-cheu yit-chhiet chhai s'i ke y^im-y'ang t'ai-h^a ke ng`in, tai ng`ai-t^eu h`ang ph`in-^on ke lu." 80^O-nga-'e chhiam-chhiam thai, s^u"n-s^im y'ung-khien. K`i h+et chhai kh'ong-y^a, chh+u"t-to k`i chhai Y^i-set-li+et-ng`in mien-chhi`en k^ung-kh^oi f+at-thung ke s`u".

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