馬可福音 1

1Song-ti ke Lai-'e, Y^a-s^u K^i-tuk ke fuk-y^im he 'an-ngi`ong kh^oi-s'u" ke. 2Chhiong si^en-t^i Y^i-soi-^a chhai k`i ke s^u t^i-poi s'o-si'a ke: Song-ti k'ong: "Khon ^a, Ng`ai oi chh^ai-phai Ng`ai ke s'u"-ch'a cho ng`i ke si^en-f^ung; k`i oi vi ng`i kh^oi-lu." 3Chhai kh'ong-y^a y^u ng`in h^em-k'ong: "Oi ch'un-phi h'o-se Ch'u ke tho-lu, si^u-chh+u"t K`i s'o-oi h`ang ke se-lu!" 4Yok-hon chhiu-he 'an-ngi`ong chhai kh'ong-y^a chhut-hien, vi ng`in h`ang s'e-l^i. K`i si^en-pu k'ong: "Ng`i-t^eu oi hi-chhi+et chhui-ok, chiap-su s'e-l^i, Song-ti chhiu voi sa-mi^en ng`i-t^eu ke chhui." 5F^i-s`ong t^o ke ng`in tui Y`u-thai ke tak s'o-chhai l^au chhi`on Y^a-lu-sat-l^ang l`oi-to Yok-hon ke mien-chhi`en. K`i-t^eu s`u"n-ngin chhu"-k^a ke chhui; Yok-hon chhiu chhai Yok-tan-h`o vi k`i-t^eu h`ang s'e-l^i. 6Yok-hon chok-t'en l+ok-th`o-m^o cho ke s^am, y^eu-khi^en thak-t'en ph`i-tai; s+u"t chh'o-m'ang l^au y^a-ph^ung-th`ong ko ngit-`e. 7K`i si^en-pu k'ong: "Y^u yit-ke ng`in, p'i ng`ai kha-man l`oi ke, k`i p'i ng`ai v'i-thai chhin-t^o. Ng`ai chhiu-he kh`u-h^a-l`oi l^au k`i thot-h`ai ya m`o ch^u"-kiet. 8Ng`ai he yung s'ui vi ng`i-t^eu h`ang s'e-l^i, ch'ung-he k`i oi yung Su"n-L`in vi ng`i-t^eu h`ang s'e-l^i." 9M`o k'i-ki'u y^i-heu, Y^a-s^u tui K^a-li-li-s'en ke N^a-sat-l+et l`oi, Yok-hon chhiu chhai Yok-tan-h`o vi k`i h`ang s'e-l^i. 10Y^a-s^u tui s'ui-ch^ung yit s^ong-l`oi, chhiu khon-t'o thi^en-kh^oi, Su"n-L`in chhiong ngi+et-kap-`e yit-yong, kong chhai k`i ke s^u"n-song; 11tui thi^en-t'ang y^u s^ang-y^im chh`on h^a-l`oi, k'ong: "Ng`i he Ng`ai s'o-siak ke Lai-'e, Ng`ai s'o f^on-h'i ke." 12Su"n-L`in chit-s`u" chh^ui-pet Y^a-s^u hi-to kh'ong-y^a. 13K`i chhai kh'ong-y^a si-s+u"p ngit, su Sat-tan ke su"-tham; k`i l^au y^a-chhu khiung-ha, pin y^u thi^en-s'u" l`oi f+uk-su" k`i. 14Yok-hon p^un-ng`in ko^an chhai k^am-ngi+uk y^i-heu, Y^a-s^u hi-to K^a-li-li, si^en-chh`on Song-ti ke fuk-y^im. 15K`i k'ong: "S`u"-ki^en y'i-k^in to l'e, Song-ti ke koet voi s+u"t-hien l'e! Ng`i-t^eu oi hi-chhi+et chhui-ok, sin-chhi`ung li'a-ke fuk-y^im." 16Y^a-s^u chhai K^a-li-li f`u-pi^en h`ang ke s`u", khon-t'o li'ong-ke t'a-`ng ke ng`in --- S^i-m`un l^au ki^a l'o-th^ai ^On-tet-li+et --- chhai f`u-ch^ung ve-mi'ong t'a-`ng. 17Y^a-s^u tui k`i-t^eu k'ong: "L`oi th`en ng`ai! Ng`ai oi p^un ng`i-t^eu tet-t'o ng`in chhiong t'a-t'o `ng yit-yong." 18K`i-t^eu chit-s`u" piong-h^a mi'ong-`e, th`en Y^a-s^u hi. 19Hiong-chhi`en h`ang m`o k'i-y'en, Y^a-s^u yu khon-t'o S^i-p'i-thai ke lai-'e Ng^a-kok l^au Yok-hon; k`i li'ong hi^ung-thi chhai s`on-t'ang ch'u"n-l^i `ng-mi'ong. 20Y^a-s^u chit-s`u" f^u-seu k`i li'ong-s`a, k`i-t^eu chhiu chi^ong ^a-p^a S^i-p'i-thai l^au k^ung-ng`in li`u chhai s`on-t'ang, th`en Y^a-s^u hi. 21K`i-t^eu l`oi-to K^a-pak-n`ung-s`ang, Y^a-s^u chhiu chhai ^On-sit-ngit ng+ip-hi fi-th`ong, chhai ke-vi k^au ng`in. 22Th^ang-t'o k`i kau-hiun ke ng`in l^ung-ch'ung k'am-kok f^i-s`ong kh`i-koai, y^in-vi k`i kau-hiun k`i-t^eu ke s`u" chhin-y^u khi`en-piang, l^au yit-p^an ke k^in-h+ok kau-s^u" m`o khiung-yong. 23T'u-h'o, chhai k`i-t^eu ke fi-th`ong-t'u y^u yit-ke si`a-l`in fu-s^u"n ke ng`in h^em-k'ong: 24" N^a-sat-l+et ke Y^a-s^u, ng`i ngi'ong-p^an l`oi k^on-s+ap ng`ai-t^eu? Ng`i l`oi s^eu-m+et ng`ai-t^eu he-m`o? Ng`ai t^i ng`i he m'a-ng`in; ng`i he Song-ti ke Su"n-ch'a!" 25Y^a-s^u min-lin ke-chak si`a-l`in k'ong: "Ti^am-ti^am, tui li'a ng`in s^u"n-song chhut-l`oi!" 26Si`a-l`in s'u" ke-ng`in chhi`on-s^u"n p+it-p+it-chhat, y`en-heu thai-kieu yit s^ang, chhiu tui ki^a s^u"n-song chhut-l`oi. 27Chung-ng`in f^i-s`ong chh+ok-ki^ang, th^eu-th^eu ngi-lun k'ong: "Li'a to-t'ai he m'a-ke su"-chh`in! S+u"t-chhai he s^in ke kau-hiun! K`i kin-y`en y^u khi`en-piang ch'u"-f^i si`a-l`in, si`a-l`in ya chu"n-k^in f+uk-chhi`ung k`i ke min-lin!" 28'An-ngi`ong, Y^a-s^u ke mi`ang-s^ang chhin kiak chhiu chh`on-phien K^a-li-li ke s'o-chhai. 29K`i-t^eu yit l`i-kh^oi fi-th`ong, chhiu to S^i-m`un l^au ^On-tet-li+et ke vuk-h^a hi; Ng^a-kok l^au Yok-hon ya khiung-ha hi. 30S^i-m`un ke chh^ong-m^in-^oi t'u-t'u fat-s^eu, soi chhai m`in-chh`ong-t'ang; Y^a-s^u yit to, k`i-t^eu chhiu chi^ong k`i ke phiang l^au Y^a-s^u k'ong. 31Y^a-s^u hi khon k`i, khi^en k`i ke s'u, f`u k`i hong-h'i-l`oi. K`i ke s^eu chhiu thui-thet; k`i hong-h'i-l`oi ch^eu-thai k`i-t^eu. 32To l`im-am-'e, ngit-th`eu l+ok-s^an ke s`u", y^u chhin-t^o ng`in tai kok-ch'ung ke phiang-ng`in l^au p^un-k'ui fu-s^u"n ke ng`in l`oi-to Y^a-s^u ke mien-chhi`en; 33s`ang-nui ke ng`in chhi`on-phu chhi-s+ip to m`un-chhi`en l`oi. 34Y^a-s^u y^i-h'o kok-ch'ung phiang-chu"n ke ng`in, ya kiuk-ch'eu chhin-t^o k'ui. K`i put-ch'un k'ui k'ong-fa, y^in-vi k`i-t^eu t^i k`i he m'a-ng`in. 35Thi-ngi-ngit t'a-ch'o, thi^en h`an-m`ang k^ong, Y^a-s^u chhiu hong-chh`ong, chhut-hi ngoi-poi phi^en-phit ke s'o-chhai, chhai ke-vi kh`i-t'o. 36S^i-m`un l^au k`i ke th`ung-ph^an chhut-hi chh`im k`i; 37chh`im-t'o y^i-heu, chhiu tui k`i k'ong: "Thai-k^a chhi`on-phu chhai ke-vi chh`im ng`i!" 38Y^a-s^u k'ong: "Ng`ai-t^eu l`oi-hi fu-khiun ke chh^un-ch^ong, ng`ai ya yin-t^ong oi chhai ke-t^eu s'o-chhai chh`on-tho, y^in-vi li'a he ng`ai l`oi ke muk-tit." 39'An-ngi`ong, Y^a-s^u h`ang-phien K^a-li-li chhi`on-thi, chhai kok thi-f^ong ke fi-th`ong chh`on-tho, yu kiuk-k'ui. 40Y^u yit-ke pot th'ai-k^o ke ng`in l`oi-to Y^a-s^u ke mien-chhi`en, kh'ui l+ok-hi khi`u k`i k'ong: "Ng`i na-he h'en, chhiu voi s'u" ng`ai chhiang-li." 41Y^a-s^u s^im-ch^ung chh^ung-m^an l`in-m'en, chh^un-s'u mi^a k`i, en k`i k'ong: "Ng`ai h'en, ng`i chhiang-li l'e!" 42K`i s^u"n-song ke th'ai-k^o chit-s`u" m`o-thet hi, k`i chhiu tet-t'o chhiang-li. 43Y^a-s^u ngi`am-s`u" ham k`i l`i-kh^oi, ya chai-s^am f^un-fu k`i k'ong: 44"`M-h'o chi^ong li'a-khien su" l^au ph+et-ng`in k'ong; chh+u"t-chiap hi kien chi-s^u", p^un k`i ki'am-chh`a, y`en-heu cheu M^o-s^i s'o-thin ke k^ui-k'i hien chi-v+ut, l`oi tui ng`in chu"n-m`in ng`i y'i-k^in chhiang-li l'e." 45Ch'ung-he li'a-ke ng`in yit chhut-hi, f'an-ch'on si-chhu si^en-chh`on li'a-hong su"-chh`in, hoi Y^a-s^u m`o fap-thu chai k^ung-kh^oi ng+ip-s`ang, ch'u"-y^u h+et chhai s`ang-ngoi phi^en-phit ke s'o-chhai. Chung-ng`in h`an-he tui si-v`i l`oi chh`im k`i.

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