2 Tiˆmoˉseˍ 1

1Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ hta‸ pa taw co ha g'a te‸ ve yoˬ teh‸ k'oˆ ve ka ti‸ tawˇ hkawˇ awˬ lawn k'aoˍ maˍ piˇ tuˬ, G'uiˬ sha ve a loˍ cawˇ ve hta‸ pa taw Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ ve tcuh yaˇ hpeh‸ ve ngaˬ Pawˇlu‸ lehˬ, ngaˬ ha‸ ve yaˇ Tiˆmoˉseˍ hta‸ li‸ chi bvuh‸ laˇ ve yoˬ. 2Awˬ pa G'uiˬ sha leh ngaˬ hui ve Jawˇ mawˇ Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ ve awˬ bon awˬ shinˉ ha k'aˉ puiˉ ve teˇ ceuˬ leh dawˇ sha gaˇ sha ve teˇ ceuˬ nawˬ geh cawˬ piˇ-oˆ. 3Bon lawˬ ve awˬ hk'aw lo ngaˬ nawˬ hta‸ hk'aˬ htaˆ ka‸ dawˇ nawˇ leh, G'uiˬ sha hta‸ ngaˬ chiˇ mvuh ve yoˬ. Awˬ puˍ awˬ pi hui lehˬ, da‸ ve kehˬ ve shiˍ puiˉ ve nyi ma cawˬ ve awˬ hk'aw lo yawˇ awˬ pon kanˉ te ve hk'e ngaˬ htawˇ kanˉ te ve yoˬ. 4Nawˬ ve mehˆ g'uiˬ ya‸ la ve hta‸ ngaˬ dawˇ nawˇ ve teˇ yanˇ, teˇ nyi teˇ haˉ le le ngaˬ nawˬ hta‸ mawˬ gaˇ chehˇ ve yoˬ. Nawˬ hta‸ g'a mawˬ ve k'o, ngaˬ ha lehˬ ve biˇ la tuˬ yoˬ. 5Nawˬ nyi ma awˬ tawˬ hk'a gaˬ yonˍ ve teˇ ceuˬ hta‸ ngaˬ dawˇ nawˇ ve yoˬ. Nawˬ yonˍ ve chi lehˬ, awˉ lawˉ htaˇ nawˬ ve awˬ pi Lawˇiˆ leh nawˬ ve awˬ e Uˇniˆ awˬ hk'aw lo cawˬ leh, chi beu‸ nawˬ awˬ hk'aw lo htawˇ cawˬ ve hta‸ ngaˬ hk'a deh‸ shiˍ ve yoˬ. 6Hk'e te leh, ngaˬ nawˬ awˬ hk'oˆ la‸ sheh taˍ ve pa taw nawˬ awˬ hk'aw lo cawˬ taˍ ve G'uiˬ sha ve la‸ shawnˍ hta‸ aˬ miˍ gu ceh ve hk'e hk'a deh‸ gu ceh tuˬ, ngaˬ nawˬ hta‸ dawˇ nawˇ laˇ ve yoˬ. 7Awˬ lawn k'o, G'uiˬ sha lehˬ ngaˬ hui hta‸ kawˆ puiˉ ve nyi ma pe‸ laˇ ve maˇ heˆ. Kanˇ paˆ cawˬ ve nyi ma, ha‸ pehnˇ ve nyi ma leh, a shu yawˇ awˬ to hta‸ g'aˇ puiˉ ve nyi ma yawˇ ngaˬ hui hta‸ pe‸ laˇ ve yoˬ. 8Hk'e te leh, ngaˬ hui ve Jawˇ mawˇ Yeˍsuˆ awˬ pon shaˉ hkiˆ hkanˍ tuˬ taˇ ya‸ taw. Yawˇ awˬ pon htawnˍ hk'aw g'a chehˇ ve ngaˬ hta‸ pa taw htawˇ taˇ ya‸ taw. G'uiˬ sha geh kanˇ paˆ g'a taˍ ve hk'e, ha lehˬ ve bon hkawˇ awˬ pon g'a tu‸ g'a hkanˍ ve teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ ngaˬ geh teˇ geh hkanˍ-o‸. 9G'uiˬ sha lehˬ, yawˇ dawˇ law taˍ ve hk'e hpeh‸ la tuˬ, yawˇ ve awˬ bon hta‸ pa taw ngaˬ hui hta‸ htaiˍ hk'aw‸ laˇ leh, da‸ kehˬ ve hta‸ te tuˬ awˬ pon ngaˬ hui hta‸ kuˬ yuˬ taˍ ve yoˬ. Ngaˬ hui kanˉ te ve hta‸ pa taw yawˇ chi hk'e te laˇ ve maˇ heˆ. 10Yawˇ ve awˬ bon oˇ ve lehˬ, aˬ sho-eˬ htaˇ ka‸ Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ awˬ hk'aw lo ngaˬ hui hta‸ pe‸ laˇ leh, ngaˬ hui ve Htaiˍ hk'aw‸ paˍ Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ tawˆ la ve hta‸ pa taw, chi beu‸ awˬ bon oˇ ve hta‸ ngaˬ hui hk'a tawˍ lehˆ g'a mawˬ ve yoˬ. Yawˇ lehˬ, suh ve teˇ ceuˬ hta‸ te luˬ leh, co ha te‸ ve teˇ ceuˬ leh maˇ luˬ maˇ sheˆ puiˉ ve teˇ ceuˬ hta‸, ha lehˬ ve bon hkawˇ awˬ hk'aw lo hk'a tawˍ lehˆ tawˆ la piˇ lawˬ peuˬ. 11Ha lehˬ ve bon hkawˇ chi awˬ pon bon maˍ paˍ, tcuh yaˇ leh, saˍ la‸ te tuˬ, G'uiˬ sha ngaˬ hta‸ leuˆ yuˬ laˇ ve yoˬ. 12Chi hta‸ pa taw ngaˬ chi hk'e g'a tu‸ g'a hkanˍ ve yoˬ. Ya‸ hk'aˇ, ngaˬ maˇ ya‸ taw. Awˬ lawn k'o, ngaˬ yonˍ chehˇ ve awˬ shehˍ hpaˇ hta‸ ngaˬ shiˍ taˍ ve yoˬ. Ngaˬ yawˇ hta‸ hk'a chiˇ a‸ piˇ taˍ ve teˇ hpaˍ, awˬ nyi oˇ ve teˇ nyi hk'a gaˬ yawˇ ha‸ shaˉ taˍ g'a ve yoˬ teh‸ ngaˬ hk'a deh‸ shiˍ taˍ ve yoˬ. 13Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ hta‸ caˉ da‸ ve yonˍ ve leh ha‸ ve teˇ ceuˬ awˬ hk'aw lo, nawˬ lehˬ ngaˬ geh g'a kaˇ taˍ ve, da‸ jaˇ biˇ jaˇ ve tawˇ hkawˇ teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ hk'a deh‸ na yuˬ leh te k'ai-o. 14Ngaˬ hui awˬ hk'aw lo chehˇ taˍ ve da‸ ve kehˬ ve Awˬ ha hpu hta‸ nawˬ cuˇ leh, nawˬ hta‸ chiˇ a‸ laˇ peuˬ ve, da‸ jaˇ ve awˬ ceuˬ hta‸ hk'a deh‸ ha‸ shaˉ taˍ-o‸. 15Aˍsiˆ mvuhˇ miˬ awˬ hk'aw lo chehˇ ve chaw hk'a peu-eˬ ngaˬ hta‸ hpfuhˆ baˬ taˉ peuˬ ve teh‸ nawˬ shiˍ ve yoˬ. Yawˇ hui awˬ hk'aw lo, Hpuˍgeˍluˆ leh Heˍraˆmoˇgenˍ ka‸ chehˇ ve yoˬ. 16Awˇneˍsiˉhpawˍ teˇ yehˬ awˬ hk'oˆ hta‸ Jawˇ mawˇ Yeˍsuˆ ha k'aˉ ve teˇ ceuˬ cawˬ piˇ-oˆ. Awˬ lawn k'o, yawˇ ngaˬ hta‸ laiˉ pawˆ dawˇ sha la piˇ ve yoˬ. Ngaˬ sho caˆ hpeh taˍ ve hta‸ yawˇ maˇ ya‸ taw. 17Yawˇ Roˉma‸ venˇ lo gaˬ la ve teˇ yanˇ, ngaˬ hta‸ mawˬ htaˇ hk'a gaˬ g'aˇ hte‸ ca ve yoˬ. 18Yawˇ lehˬ, suhˉ jehˬ ve awˬ nyi teˇ nyi awˬ hk'aw lo Jawˇ mawˇ Yeˍsuˆ geh lo ha k'aˉ ve teˇ ceuˬ hta‸ g'a tuˬ, Jawˇ mawˇ Yeˍsuˆ yawˇ hta‸ ha k'aˉ piˇ lawˬ-o‸. Eˇfeˇsu‸ venˇ awˬ hk'aw lo htawˇ, yawˇ ngaˬ hta‸ hk'aˬ ma ga laˇ peuˬ ve awˬ lawn hta‸ nawˬ hk'a deh‸ shiˍ taˍ ve yoˬ.

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