Yoˇhanˬ 19:31

31Oˇ ve teˇ nyi lehˬ, pawehˇ awˬ pon gu ve awˬ nyi hpeh‸ leh, awˬ hk'aw‸ nawˉ teˇ nyi k'o, uiˍ jaˇ ve shinˉ nyi hpeh‸ ve pa taw, shinˉ nyi teˇ nyi awˬ hk'aw lo la‸ ka hk'oˆ lo suh taˍ ve awˬ to teˇ hpaˍ maˇ g'a teh taˉ tuˬ, Yuˇda‸ chaw hui lehˬ jawˇ mawˇ Piˉla‸ geh k'ai leh, chaw oˇ ve teˇ hpaˍ ve hkui sheh hta‸ dawˆ hteh leh, suh taˍ ve awˬ to oˇ ve teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ yuˬ baˬ tuˬ, yawˇ hta‸ lawˬ ve yoˬ.

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