Maˍkuˆ 13

1Yeˍsuˆ bon yehˬ lonˉ awˬ hk'aw lo tawˆ k'ai ve teˇ yanˇ, yawˇ ve awˬ la‸ g'awˇ teˇ g'aˇ yawˇ hta‸ k'oˆ piˇ ve, Saˍ la‸-oˬ, nyi sheˍ. Hk'aˬ ma da‸ jaˇ ve haˉ pui teˇ hpaˍ leh, hk'aˬ ma da‸ jaˇ ve yehˬ teˇ hpaˍ cawˬ ve le. 2Yeˍsuˆ yawˇ hta‸ k'aw‸ k'oˆ piˇ ve, Uiˍ jaˇ ve yehˬ chi teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ nawˬ mawˬ laˇ. Choˬ kaˬ lo haˉ pui teˇ shiˍ awˬ hk'oˆ teˇ shiˍ maˇ cawˬ htaˇ hk'a gaˬ shu te luˬ tuˬ yoˬ teh‸ k'oˆ ve yoˬ. 3Yeˍsuˆ lehˬ, bon yehˬ lonˉ awˬ g'uˇ suhˍ teˇ hpawˇ, Shaˍlonˍ hk'aw hk'oˆ lo mui chehˇ htaˇ, Peˍtruˆ, Yaˍkoˆ, Yoˇhanˬ leh Anˍdrehˍ hui laˬ leh, 4Awˬ ceuˬ oˇ ve teˇ hpaˍ hk'aˬ htaˆ hpeh‸ la tuˬ le. Chi hk'a peu-eˬ hpeh‸ la paˇ neˇ ve teˇ yanˇ awˬ heˆ hk'aˬ hk'e hpeh‸ tawˆ la tuˬ ve le teh‸, yawˇ hta‸ a yehˉ na nyi ve yoˬ. 5Yeˍsuˆ yawˇ hui hta‸ k'aw‸ k'oˆ piˇ ve, Chaw teˇ g'aˇ ka‸ nawˬ hui hta‸ maˇ g'a heˍ yuˬ beˬ yuˬ tuˬ shaˍ ti‸ taˍ-o‸. 6Chaw maˇ maˇ ngaˬ ve awˬ meh hta‸ pfuhˇ laˬ leh, Ngaˬ lehˬ yawˇ yoˬ teh‸ k'oˆ leh, chaw maˇ maˇ hta‸ heˍ yuˬ beˬ yuˬ tuˬ yoˬ. 7Ma‸ bawˆ ve leh bawˆ da‸-a teh‸ te chehˇ ve awˬ lawn hta‸ nawˬ hui g'a kaˇ ve teˇ yanˇ, nawˬ hui kawˆ cheˇ ve nyi ma taˇ cawˬ piˇ. Awˬ ceuˬ chi teˇ hpaˍ g'a hpeh‸ la tuˬ yoˬ. Ya‸ hk'aˇ, awˬ leh meuˇ maˇ gaˬ sheˍ. 8Chaw teˇ ceuˬ leh teˇ ceuˬ, mvuhˇ miˬ teˇ peˆ leh teˇ peˆ ya‸ da‸ jiˆ da‸ tuˬ yoˬ. Chehˇ kuiˬ teˇ kaˬ peuˬ teˇ kaˬ awˬ hk'aw lo miˬ hiˆ la tuˬ yoˬ. Meu‸ ve kaˆ ve htawˇ cawˬ la tuˬ yoˬ. Awˬ ceuˬ chi teˇ hpaˍ lehˬ, tu‸ ve hkanˍ ve awˬ hkuiˉ puiˍ ceh tiˉ hpeh‸ sheˍ ve yoˬ. 9Nawˬ hui a shu yawˇ awˬ to hta‸ shaˍ ti‸ te-o. Awˬ lawn k'o, jehˬ shehˍ hpaˇ awˬ moˍ teˇ hpaˍ ve la‸ sheh awˬ hk'aw lo shu nawˬ hui hta‸ chiˇ a‸ piˇ tuˬ yoˬ. Bon yehˬ teˇ hpaˍ awˬ hk'aw lo shu nawˬ hui hta‸ jaw‸ tuˬ yoˬ. Ngaˬ htaˬ pa taw nawˬ hui mvuhˇ miˬ jawˇ mawˇ lonˉ leh hkunˉ hawˉ hkanˇ teˇ hpaˍ mehˆ g'uˇ suhˍ g'a huˉ taˍ leh, yawˇ hui mehˆ g'uˇ suhˍ shaˉ hkiˆ g'a hkanˍ tuˬ yoˬ. 10Ha lehˬ ve bon hkawˇ chi, chaw ceuˬ hk'a peu-eˬ hta‸ awˉ lawˉ g'a maˍ piˇ tuˬ yoˬ. 11Nawˬ hui hta‸ suhˉ jehˬ laˇ tuˬ shu nawˬ hui hta‸ chiˇ a‸ piˇ ve teˇ yanˇ, tawˇ hk'aˬ hk'e g'a yaw tuˬ ve hta‸ taˇ dawˇ hkiˉ. Awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve awˬ hk'aw lo nawˬ hui hta‸ tawˇ yaw tcuh laˇ ve hk'e ceh tiˉ yaw-o. Awˬ lawn k'o, tawˇ yaw shehˍ hpaˇ lehˬ, nawˬ hui maˇ heˆ, daˬ ve kehˬ ve Awˬ ha hpu yoˬ. 12Oˇ htaˇ, awˬ viˉ awˬ nyi teˇ g'aˇ leh teˇ g'aˇ suh tuˬ chiˇ a‸ da‸ tuˬ yoˬ. Awˬ pa htawˇ, a shu yawˇ ve yaˇ hta‸ chiˇ a‸ tuˬ yoˬ. Yaˇ paˍ yaˇ miˇ teˇ hpaˍ htawˇ, a shu yawˇ ve awˬ pa awˬ e hta‸ hpfuhˆ leh tiˇ pehˍ tcuh tuˬ yoˬ. 13Ngaˬ ve awˬ meh hta‸ pa taw chaw hk'a peu-eˬ nawˬ hui hta‸ canˇ tuˬ yoˬ. Ya‸ hk'aˇ, awˬ leh hk'a gaˬ yeˬ chehˇ ve chaw lehˬ, htaiˍ hk'aw‸ ve hta‸ g'a tuˬ yoˬ. 14Te luˬ te sheˆ puiˉ ve cha‸ chiˆ ve awˬ ceuˬ lehˬ, maˇ chehˇ cawˇ ve chehˇ kuiˬ lo chehˇ ve hta‸ nawˬ hui g'a mawˬ ve teˇ yanˇ, (li‸ chi hta‸ g'aw ve chaw lehˬ shiˍ-o‸,) oˇ htaˇ Yuˇda‸ mvuhˇ miˬ awˬ hk'aw lo chehˇ ve chaw hui hk'aw hk'oˆ lawˬ hk'oˆ lo hpaw-e loˬ. Yehˬ awˬ hk'oˆ lo chehˇ ve chaw taˇ k'aw‸ ya‸-e. 15Chi hk'oˆ ka‸, mawˇ teˇ ceuˬ ceuˬ ca yuˬ tuˬ, yehˬ awˬ hk'aw lo taˇ lo‸-e. 16Heh hk'aw chehˇ ve chaw htawˇ, a shu yawˇ ve veu‸ k'aˇ ca k'aw‸ yuˬ tuˬ, taˇ k'o‸-e. 17Awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve awˬ hk'aw lo yaˇ hu ma leh cuˉ dawˬ ve yaˇ ehˉ cawˬ ve chaw hui lehˬ, g'a dawˇ haˍ jaˇ tuˬ yoˬ. 18Awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve lehˬ, mvuhˇ kaˆ yanˇ maˇ g'a cawˇ tuˬ bon lawˬ-o‸. 19Awˬ lawn k'o, miˬ guiˬ hta‸ G'uiˬ sha te hpanˍ ve teˇ nyi hta‸ tanˬ leh ya‸ nyi hk'a gaˬ maˇ hpeh‸ la jaw sheˍ leh, awˬ hk'aw‸ nawˉ ka‸ maˇ k'aw‸ hpeh‸ la tuˬ ve tu‸ jaˇ hkanˍ jaˇ ve teˇ ceuˬ lehˬ, awˬ nyi awˬ haˉ oˇ ve teˇ hpaˍ awˬ hk'aw lo hpeh‸ la tuˬ yoˬ. 20Awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve hta‸ Jawˇ mawˇ G'uiˬ sha maˇ ngeh piˇ lawˬ ve k'o, chaw teˇ g'aˇ ka‸ ponˬ maˇ hpeh‸. Ya‸ hk'aˇ, yawˇ leuˆ yuˬ taˍ ve chaw hui hta‸ pa taw, awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve hta‸ yawˇ ngeh piˇ lawˬ tuˬ yoˬ. 21Oˇ htaˇ, chaw teˇ g'aˇ g'aˇ lehˬ, Nyi-o, Hkri‸ choˬ kaˬ lo chehˇ taˍ ve yoˬ, oˇ kaˬ lo chehˇ taˍ ve yoˬ teh‸ nawˬ hui hta‸ k'oˆ laˇ ve k'o, taˇ yonˍ. 22Awˬ lawn k'o, maˇ heˆ heˆ ve Hkri‸ leh maˇ heˆ heˆ ve tcuh kaˍ paˍ teˇ hpaˍ tawˆ la tuˬ yoˬ. Yawˇ hui lehˬ, hpeh‸ ve k'o leuˆ yuˬ taˍ ve chaw teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ heˍ yuˬ beˬ yuˬ g'a tuˬ, anˇ tuˬ leh awˬ heˆ teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ te maˍ piˇ tuˬ yoˬ. 23Nawˬ hui shaˍ ti‸ te-o. Maˇ hpeh‸ la sheˍ htaˇ ka‸ teˇ ceuˬ le le ngaˬ nawˬ hui hta‸ k'oˆ taˉ laˇ ve yoˬ. 24Tu‸ ve hkanˍ ve awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve peuˬ hk'aw‸ nawˉ, awˬ nyi awˬ haˉ oˇ ve teˇ hpaˍ awˬ hk'aw lo, mvuhˇ nyi naˆ ho‸ k'ai leh, ha pa htawˇ awˬ g'euˆ maˇ k'aw‸ ba. 25Meu‸ keu shiˍ teˇ hpaˍ mvuhˇ naw ma lo ce la leh, mvuhˇ naw ma lo cawˬ ve kanˇ paˆ teˇ hpaˍ htawˇ hiˆ hiˆ naˇ naˇ k'ai tuˬ yoˬ. 26Oˇ htaˇ, chaw yaˇ ve Yaˇ hpu lehˬ, awˬ me‸ awˬ hponˇ leh uiˍ jaˇ ve kanˇ paˆ cawˬ ve awˬ hk'aw lo moˬ ciˇ leh ya‸ la ve hta‸ yawˇ hui g'a mawˬ tuˬ yoˬ. 27Oˇ htaˇ mvuhˇ awˇ ceˍ miˬ awˍ hpawˇ lo, miˬ guiˬ awˬ leh teˇ kaˬ te leh mvuhˇ naw ma awˬ leh teˇ kaˬ hk'a gaˬ, mvuhˇ naw ma tcuh yaˇ teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ yawˇ k'ai tcuh leh, yawˇ leuˆ yuˬ taˍ ve chaw hui hta‸ hpawnˬ da‸ piˇ lawˬ tuˬ yoˬ. 28Maˉ nawˆ cehˬ hta‸ tehˆ maˍ ve tawˇ pa haˉ chi hta‸ henˇ yuˬ-o‸. Awˬ tuˍ tuˍ la leh awˬ caˍ caˍ la ve teˇ yanˇ, mvuhˇ cha hkui yanˇ gaˬ la paˇ neˇ peuˬ ve hta‸ nawˬ hui shiˍ ve yoˬ. 29Chi hk'a shuˍ shuˍ, awˬ ceuˬ chi teˇ hpaˍ hpeh‸ la chehˇ ve hta‸ nawˬ hui g'a mawˬ ve teˇ yanˇ, yawˇ lehˬ yehˬ miˉ hpe‸ awˬ paˇ lo gaˬ la peuˬ ve hta‸ nawˬ hui shiˍ-o‸. 30Ngaˬ nawˬ hui hta‸ awˬ tehˬ awˬ na k'oˆ laˇ ve, chi teˇ co maˇ ponˬ k'ai sheˍ htaˇ ka‸, awˬ ceuˬ chi hk'a peu-eˬ hpeh‸ la tuˬ yoˬ. 31Mvuhˇ naw ma leh miˬ naˆ ma mehˉ k'ai tuˬ yoˬ. Ya‸ hk'aˇ, ngaˬ ve tawˇ hkawˇ lehˬ, maˇ mehˉ k'ai taˬ. 32Awˬ nyi awˬ haˉ oˇ ve hta‸ chaw teˇ g'aˇ ka‸ maˇ shiˍ. Mvuhˇ naw ma tcuh yaˇ hui ka‸, Yaˇ hpu ka‸ maˇ shiˍ. Awˬ pa teˇ g'aˇ tiˉ shiˍ ve yoˬ. 33Awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve hk'aˬ htaˆ gaˬ la tuˬ ve hta‸ nawˬ hui maˇ shiˍ ve pa taw, shaˍ ti‸ te leh shaw taˍ-o‸. 34Awˬ yanˇ oˇ ve lehˬ, chaw teˇ g'aˇ awˬ kaˍ awˬ nu mvuhˇ miˬ lo k'ai ve hta‸ shuˍ ve yoˬ. Yawˇ ve yehˬ hk'aw tawˆ k'ai htaˇ, yawˇ ve awˬ ceˬ teˇ g'aˇ peuˬ teˇ g'aˇ hta‸ a shu yawˇ ve kanˉ chiˇ a‸ piˇ taˉ leh, yehˬ miˉ shaw shehˍ hpaˇ hta‸ htawˇ hk'a deh‸ shaw taˍ tuˬ tawˇ piˇ taˉ ve yoˬ. 35Hk'e te leh, yehˬ shehˍ hpaˇ k'aw‸ gaˬ la tuˬ ve lehˬ, mvuhˇ hpeu‸ htaˇ leh naˍ, shehˍ k'aw hkui htaˇ leh naˍ, g'aˆ hpfuh bvuhˬ htaˇ leh naˍ, mvuhˇ shawˉ htaˇ leh naˍ, hk'aˬ htaˆ k'aw‸ gaˬ la tuˬ ve hta‸ nawˬ hui maˇ shiˍ ve pa taw, shaw taˍ-o‸. 36Hk'e maˇ heˆ k'o, yawˇ teˇ cawˬ haˉ k'aw‸ gaˬ la leh, nawˬ hui zuh‸ muiˉ k'a chehˇ ve hta‸ yawˇ g'a mawˬ tuˬ yoˬ. 37Nawˬ hui hta‸ ngaˬ k'oˆ laˇ ve hk'e, chaw hk'a peu-eˬ hta‸ ngaˬ k'oˆ piˇ ve, shaw taˍ-o‸ teh‸, yawˇ hui hta‸ k'oˆ piˇ ve yoˬ.

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