Hpeu‸ maˍ 13:1

1Oˇ htaˇ, laˇ tsuhˇ g'uiˬ awˬ hk'aw lo haiˬ ve to nuˇ to shaˆ teˇ hkeh tawˆ la ve hta‸ ngaˬ g'a mawˬ ve yoˬ. Yawˇ lehˬ, awˬ hkaw teˇ chi maˬ cawˬ leh oˉ k'oˍ suhˍ shiˍ cawˬ ve yoˬ. Awˬ hkaw teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ shi uˉ tcuhˍ teˇ chi shiˍ hk'awˆ taˍ ve yoˬ. G'uiˬ sha hta‸ maˇ shawˍ maˇ caˆ k'oˆ ve awˬ meh teˇ hpaˍ, yawˇ ve oˉ k'oˍ teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ bvuh‸ taˍ ve yoˬ.

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