Hpeu‸ maˍ 13:18

18Chi awˬ hk'aw lo cuˇ yiˍ g'a hpeh‸ ve yoˬ. Dawˇ shiˍ puiˉ ve chaw lehˬ, haiˬ ve to nuˇ to shaˆ ve nanˍ ba‸ hta‸ g'aw nyi shawˍ nyi tcuh-o. Yawˇ ve nanˍ ba‸ lehˬ, chaw teˇ g'aˇ ve nanˍ ba‸ hpeh‸ leh, nanˍ ba‸ oˇ ve hkaw‸ ha hkaw‸ chi hkaw‸ yoˬ.

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