Hpeu‸ maˍ 13:3

3Haiˬ ve to nuˇ to shaˆ ve oˉ k'oˍ teˇ shiˍ lehˬ, suh law‸ law‸ dawˆ hk'aw taˍ ve hta‸ ngaˬ g'a mawˬ ve yoˬ. Ya‸ hk'aˇ, naˬ kuiˬ awˬ hk'aw oˇ ve k'aw‸ na-e la leh, miˬ guiˬ yaˇ hk'a peu-eˬ haiˬ ve to nuˇ to shaˆ oˇ ve hta‸ anˇ jaˇ leh awˬ hk'aˇ suh k'ai ve yoˬ.

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