Hpeu‸ maˍ 13:8

8Miˬ guiˬ hta‸ te hpanˍ htaˇ ka‸ co ti‸ ha ti‸ li‸ awˬ hk'aw lo awˬ meh maˇ bvuh‸ keu taˍ ve miˬ guiˬ yaˇ hk'a peu-eˬ lehˬ, haiˬ ve to nuˇ to shaˆ oˇ ve hta‸ oˉ k'oˍ pui tuˬ yoˬ. Li‸ oˇ ve lehˬ, tiˇ pehˍ peuˬ ve Yawˬ ehˉ ve li‸ hpeh‸ ve yoˬ.

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